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Feel confident, grounded, and empowered while you communicate boundaries with ease & navigate difficult conversations skillfully so you can stop people pleasing in dating or your current relationships.

Imagine you are able to stop settling, wasting time dating "the wrong one," establish your expectations and desires up front in dating, and trust yourself to make decisions in dating faster?


Imagine experiencing less conflict and more peace, energy, security, trust, and self confidence in your current relationships!

Keep reading to learn how. . .

You've tried implementing communication tools to set boundaries, feel heard, and get what you need in your relationships. . . but coming up short?

Learn an life changing "trauma informed communication" approach and gain the clarity, tools, and confidence you've been missing in your communication in dating & relationships (yes, even family relationships!) so you can create healthy relationships, and set boundaries around ones that are no longer serving you.


Things like boundary "prompts" you can find online are great, AND they aren't enough to help survivors with nervous system dysregulation and attachment wounds tackle those difficult conversations or take up space early in a new relationship and clearly state what you want and need.

Cookie-cutter apporaches don't work because YOU are a unique person, with a unique nervous system, trauma history, and relationship circumstances.


You'll recieve a high level of personal support from a proven expert to help you get to the root of what's going wrong with your communication and a strategic plan to help you heal and experience less reactivity, less conflict, less fawning and people pleasing. . . which are old trauma responses and patterns no longer serving you. 


"(I'm) FINALLY becoming a conscious communicator & partner, truly feeling like an adult who can love from a place of liberation instead of a place of needing to protect myself."


"I’ve had more clarity, have been able to set firm boundaries, and see myself as the main character in the story of my life.


I have stopped accepting the crumbs as enough because now I see myself as worthy of relentless love and a life full of happiness."


"Within a matter of days I began to really listen to my thoughts and became more aware of my reactions felt my body. I became more compassionate with MYSELF.
Cassandra has taught me not only to validate my own worth, but to really listen to my inner voice."

What's Included?

This is a one month intensive group program with a high "touch" level of live support to help you see rapid change in how you communicate. And for you astro-babes, this is a great way to harness that Venus Retrograde energy in reviewing how you show up in your relationships and where you can grow! 

Group Limited to 12 participants!


8 Hours of Live Group Coaching

We will meet 4 consecutive Tuesdays begining August 8th from 4pm-6pm PT 

on zoom


Weekly Pre-recorded Educational Modules

These pre-recorded modules are presentations diving deep into healing your nervous system, attachment styles, communication tips for dating and for your existing relationships.


Private IG Chat Group

For those who would like to stay connected with Cassandra & the group between sessions for support, to ask questions, and encouragement while you implement your new communication strategies!


1 60 minute 1:1 call with Cassandra!

Value $200

Let's get you what you really want, need, and deserve in your relationships. 

Just because you experienced past trauma or have a history of toxic relationships
doesn't mean you're doomed.

So many people struggle with codependency and people pleasing due to past trauma. These patterns continue to negatively impact our lives for years, even decades after our childhood wounding. . . I was there too for over 20 years stuck in toxic relationships!

Many of my clients come to me not feeling seen, heard, or that they matterd in childhood.


And this results in adult lives filled with overfunctioning, settling in relationships, being either conflict avoidant or over-reactive, finding themselves in relationships that are not recropical, resentful, overworked, wishing people would treat them differently, having difficulty using their voice and feeling regret or even shame for what they did or didn't say. . . 


The painful result? Creating relationship dynamics where we continue to feel unseen, unheard, like we aren't a priority or that we don't matter.


You deserve to have healthy, secure relationships. But you're going to have to do some work to change how you're communicating and I'm here with loving big sister energy to help you!

Pricing & Payment Options

Early Bird Pricing (through July 31st)

$333 Pay In Full (includes bonus 60 minute 1:1 call)

Two payments of $166.50 (one payment due at sign up, second payment due 8-16)

Regular Pricing (August 1st-August 6th)

$400 Pay In Full (includes bonus 60 minute 1:1 call)

Two payments of $200 (one payment due at sign up, second payment due 8-16)

Next Steps:

Click any of the Blue Buttons on this page to fill out an interest form, tell me more about your life and current challenge so I can better understand your unique situation and how I can best support you!

Within 24 hours of recieving your completed form, you'll get an email from me with a link to book a no pressure complimentary consultation call.

On the call we will do an even deeper dive into your situation and I'll be happy to answer any and all questions you have so you can make an informed decision if this group is the right program for you.

If you decide to proceed, payment in full or your first payment will be due within 24 hours of your consultation call.


The weekend before we start group, you'll recieve your first pre-recorded module, guided meditation and nervous system/somatic healing practices & be added to the private IG chat group if that feels supportive.

About Cassandra

18 years clinical experience-trauma survivor-recovered codependent-toxic relationship cycle breaker

Hi there! I'm Cassandra Solano, LCSW, a witchy queer first generation Latine mama and bonus mom who is passionate about helping fellow childhood trauma survivors reclaim their voice, become powerful communicators, and get what they want in life & their relationships! 


It's your time to put yourself first.

Great dating experiences, & healthy relationships (romantic, platonic, family etc) are possible for you, and your past wounds have been holding you back and creating communication challenges for far too long.

I can't promise confident communication will "fix" every relationship, but you will find clarity in knowing what the next steps are once you've implemented communication skills from this effective trauma informed program.

I'm so grateful you're here and look foward to connecting with you!

-Cassandra Solano, LCSW

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