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Thriving Relationships After Trauma

Find Clarity & Confidence in Love by healing past wounds keeping you stuck in relationships.

Before I tell you about this life changing program, let me tell you who the “Thriving Relationships After Trauma” Program is created for. . .
Women who are aware that their past is impacting their present, who see they are stuck in patterns of thinking and relationships, and not sure how to break free.
Women who sense they are not living up to their potential and self sabotage. Or women who have been successful in every area but struggle to have healthy relationships. 
This offer is for women and femmes who are ready to dig deep, heal and have the love, freedom, and energy they want.
In this program, you will go from feeling stuck & unfulfilled to feeling clear & confident and experience healthy & authentic relationships. 
And if you decide to join the VIP Group option, you will get support from me and the other women in the program during weekly live groups and in a private online chat.

Current Bonus: a 30 or 60 minute 1:1 call with Cassandra when you sign up for the self study or VIP program & pay in full by midnight on 1-26-21! 

By the end of this program you will:

  • Understand your unique story and how your past experiences have shaped you.

  • Learn about trauma and how emotional trauma shapes our brains, and how we connect with others.

  • Identify how your past wounds are keeping you stuck.

  • Learn about healthy relationship skills including communication and boundaries.

  • Gain insights, clarity, and tools to re-wire your brain so you can implement these tools.

  • Redefine your story going forward from this program, feel improved self confidence and free from old patterns that kept you stuck in relationships.


So why do this now?

During these challenging times in quarantine we have reflected on our lives and relationships. We have had moments of clarity about our relationships and how we were using our time and energy. We have realized that when we come out of this time, we want to do things differently and  be ready to show up as our true selves.


The modules in this program are designed to give you  education, tools, clarity, insights, and support to not go back to “business as usual,” where you may have been settling, struggling, and stuck in life.


You’ll be able to move forward with self awareness, confidence, and inner peace to help you live a conscious life with happy, healthy relationships.

Here are a few group client experiences:

Hannah B.

I have been having problems at work, in my relationship, with my family, feeling lonely and disconnected, depressed. Essentially, my childhood trauma was rearing its ugly head.

Cassandra is so awesome. She loves her clients and makes them feel so incredibly wonderful, exactly as they are.

She will teach you so much about yourself, your patterns, and how to just exist in this moment and be present and grounded. She's a trauma-informed magical woowoo witchy woman, who is so kind and knowledgeable.

Amber W.

Initially I reached out to Cassandra because I was unhappy in my marriage. I decided to participate in her women’s group where I gained insight and knowledge about the ways childhood trauma has affected me in many of my relationships. 


Within these sessions I became more aware of my nervous system and how it works, what I can do to heal and how to achieve more security in my relationships. It was a great investment for myself.  I looked forward to each week where Cassandra provided valuable information and a safe and comfortable space to share our experiences. I have been able to apply this information, recognize triggers and I’m working to let go of relationships that are not serving me. 


With her help and support I believe I’m on a path to having  the relationships I have always wanted. I am grateful to have met her, she is a wonderful human and this experience has been life changing for me.

Tara A.

I love Cassandra! She’s such a true, effective guide for healing the nervous system from pain & trauma. I was particularly struggling with my next step in dealing with long-term PTSD. I’d lost ground in my personal healing around it, and had no idea why. 


Understanding the science behind my personal spiritual practices, and why they helped me heal from PTSD in the first place helped me recommit to healing it- even after feeling like I was losing the battle.

Her gentle guidance and clear insight helped me see that the people I was surrounding myself with were contributing to the return of a lot of my anxiety and fear states. I was delighted to find that listening to the other group members share about their experiences and breakthroughs was my favorite part. These supported my own reflections, especially about childhood, and took me deeper in my journey.


$399 or 2 payments of $199

$999 or 2 payments of $499 

or 4 payments of $250

This offering will guide you through understanding how your past has shaped you, how to get unstuck, identify your worth and what you want in life, and give you the tools you need to thrive in love.
This healing is not just for us. when we heal our trauma, we also heal our lineages, and impact those around us. 
we create a more safe, connected, and healed world through reclaiming our worth. 
Included in this Offering:

The Course includes 8 Pre-recorded modules released weekly + transcriptions.

+ A weekly workbook with journaling prompts, tools and actionable steps & pre-

recorded weekly Q&A

Join the VIP group and receive eight live 2 hour coaching calls Saturdays @ 9am PST starting 2-6-21

Join the VIP group and also get access to a private online chat for daily support from Cassandra 

Ella T.

Since group I am FREELY & HAPPILY enjoying the dating process & just experiencing so much love & presence through it.


I see how all my old insecurities & trauma-based responses have faded, & I am able to get to know this person fully in my Truth, & with lightness & joy - which is HUGE for me! Everything is going so well!

Kristen P.

If you are thinking of working with Cassandra DO IT! You deserve it!


Cassandra has years of real life and educational experience to draw from. She is real and truly cares for her clients. I have worked with many professionals over my life and


Cassandra is truly someone special, she will tell it like it is and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Adrianna F.

I was having trouble communicating and expressing myself in my relationship. Working with Cassandra gave me the knowledge about myself to really give myself grace and understanding that it is ok to feel the way I do and to honor that through different things.


Cassandra is super knowledgeable and brings alot of value to the table. she really makes you feel understood and truly supported and seen.


The group set up is really beneficial because you get to learn from other's stories.


Manal A.

I am so glad I joined the group coaching program. I made massive progress on issues that were getting in the way of my relationships for years, and I feel more in control of my emotional state today than ever before.


Cassandra has such a beautiful way of holding space and guiding us back to our truth. This allowed me to share deep, vulnerable parts of myself. I felt seen, heard, and understood.

Over 15 years in clinical practice, and the last 2 in my own private practice, I've brought together the top topics I see most women and femmes need support with, and have designed this program with constant feedback from my clients. 
Topics Covered in the Program:
Module One: How Our Past Impacts Our Present: How your past wounds have shaped you & your relationships, and how to start healing.
Module Two: Reclaim Your Power: Get free from patterns keeping you stuck.
Module Three: You in Relationships: Your Attachment Style & How to Heal
Module Four: Breaking Free From Old Beliefs: Identify and release old roles and stories no longer serving you.
Module Five: You are Worthy: Connect with Your Authentic Badass Self
Module Six: The One You’ve Been Waiting For: Inner Child Healing & Reparenting
Module Seven: Communicate Like A Boss: Ask for what you need, set boundaries, and conflict resolution.
Module Eight: Conscious Relationship Strategies: Tips and best practices for a secure, healthy relationship.
These modules are specifically designed to get you clear, unstuck, empowered, and free in relationships. 
Modules are released weekly beginning February 1st to keep you from going into overwhelm and are designed in this order to give you the most supportive experience in this process. 


$399 or 2 payments of $199

$999 or 2 payments of $499 

or 4 payments of $250

You are backed by a 10 day refund guarantee. 
Refunds are available until 2-10-21 if you have worked through the first module and find this program isn't what you're looking for. 
please contact

investment & payment plans

Thriving relationships after trauma



1. self study option

includes 8 pre-recorded modules, 8 workbooks, AND WEEKLY Q&A SESSIONS



FIRST MODULE WILL BE RELEASED FEBUARY 1st. You will receive instructions once the first module is released for submitting one q&a question weekly.

a 2 month payment plan is available at check out


2. the vip group option

 includes the course

plus 8, two hour live group sessionS


Groups begin saturday february 6th @ 9am pt 


please indicate if you need a 2 OR 4 MONTH payment plan when you sign up for the vip group HERE.

Bonus: a free 30 minute 1:1 session with cassandra when you sign up for the self study course and pay in full, or a 60 minute 1:1 when you sign up for the vip group and pay in full by midnight 1-26-21. 

"Thriving Relationships After Trauma" will help you move away from feeling overwhelmed with self help information, and help you learn to trust yourself, while also addressing the intersections of social justice, and systemic oppression, and very real current life stressors.
I believe in the potential for every woman and femme to feel safe in their bodies, to connect with their inner wisdom, and to break free from old paradigms of dependence or reliance on authority figures, teachers, or gurus through a trauma informed and intersectional, inclusive approach.

I'm so grateful for you, that you are on this healing journey, and whether it's with me or someone else, I hope you find the support to heal your past wounds keeping you stuck in love! I know you can do this!

With Compassion, Cassandra solano, lcsw