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Wisdom From The Mountain Podcast with Tara Alexandria

Inner Child Healing & Creating Thriving Relationships

Episode Summary:

In today's episode, Cassandra talks about her journey to leaving childhood trauma and alcoholism behind. Now, as a conscious relationship coach, Cassandra uses her experiences to help women heal from childhood trauma and unacknowledged wounds. She believes that you can bring your conscious self to your relationships, using them as a container for healing.


Conscious Convos​ with Bek La

How Your Childhood Trauma Is Impacting Your Adult Relationships

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we dive into Cassandra's personal experience of healing her childhood emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and narcissistic abuse. Cassandra shares the difference between a conscious and unconscious relationship, the Four Attachment Styles, and why we are attracted to certain types of people. She also explores the impact of emotional and physical abandonment, distinguishes between triggers and boundary violations, and shares her tips and tools for healthy clear communication in a relationship.

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The Nutrition Translator Podcast with Colleen Kuhn

What Trauma Have You Inherited?

Episode Summary:

Do you know what the signs of unhealed past trauma are and how it affects you as an adult today? How do you know when you are healing from it?
Did you know that getting close to what is good for you can be triggering when you have experienced trauma?
Did you know that intergenerational trauma that happened to your grandparents can be affecting you today as well?

Join licensed social worker Cassandra Solano as she answers these questions and more!


The Becoming Vibrant Podcast with ​Melanie Maxwell

Cultivating Healthy Adult Relationships By Healing Childhood Wounds

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Cassandra helps us figure out where the negative, destructive patterns in our adult relationships, both partnerships and friendships, come from. Childhood attachment trauma isn’t necessarily from what you would normally think of as “trauma”. Listen in on how even the small things that caused childhood wounds can resurface in our adult relationships, and learn how to begin to heal.


The Verified Fearless Podcast by Arya

Uncovering The Core Of Your Worth

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Cassandra discusses how she managed to let go of the burden she was carrying from her family, all the pain she took as her own, that feeling of responsibility. She talks about how we can clear energy from the family system without losing ourselves in the process and how to free ourselves from thinking that we are ‘broken.’


Conscious Conversion by Sara Yamtich

Why Healthy Attachment Is Critical For Entrepreneurs

Episode Summary:

Our attachment style is a seed planted in childhood, but its effects are far-reaching enough to permeate our decisions and our most important relationships. Our attachment style doesn’t just affect our romantic relationships, it reveals itself in our businesses and even how we show up in the digital space and use social media. We are worthy of relationships that are soulful, fulfilling and life-affirming, but that requires us to heal and shift away from the fight or flight mode of our primal brains. In this episode, conscious relationship coach Cassandra Solano talks about radical vibration and the power of a healthy attachment style.

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