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To Begin Healing Your Inner Child

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Simple, but not always easy. In the 15 years of my own healing journey from domestic violence, trauma, childhood emotional abuse and addiction I have always had some type of support. Whether it be a coach, therapist, spiritual advisor, sponsor, shaman, or mentor. We do not heal in isolation.

Healing is also cyclical. As I grow older the lessons deepen and new layers of healing happen. It’s the proverbial peeling “layers of the onion” on this journey. And my guides change faces and names, but I know the Universe always brings me the person to help me along every new leg of my journey.

So today I tended to my basic needs with eating a nourishing breakfast and drank water. I did my morning ritual and danced to tune into my body. I meditated and tuned into my inner world and emotions. I sat and took a deep breath and asked for the message that needed to be written today and trusted what came through. Your proactive and experience of these steps will look different than mine, and mine looked different even a year ago.

Healing is a beautiful journey of discovery, pain and joy, light and shadow, frustration and triumph. Get a guide who has been there to help you along. It’s the only way we break through and get through those challenging times.

With Compassion,

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

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