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Toy Story and Intuition

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

NOTE: MINOR Spoilers Ahead

I saw the new Toy Story movie last weekend and was definitely moved to tears once or twice!

There's a tiny subplot that caught my attention. Woody the Sheriff is trying to explain to his decades long BFF Spaceman Buzz Lightyear how to listen to the "voice within." Woody explains when he does not know what to do, he listens to his "inner voice."

Buzz is initially perplexed by this. So he presses his red button on the chest of his spacesuit which controls his automatic voice messages (To Infinity and Beyond!) and seems satisfied that he has now tapped into his "inner voice."

Throughout the rest of the movie it's pretty funny to watch Buzz to press the button and to trust with 100% certainty the message his inner voice gives him, even if it means leaping from safety to search the unknown for his best friend.

At one point in the movie Buzz is at a cross roads, unsure what to do next. He presses his red button and does NOT like the message he hears. So he presses the button again, and again, and again! After a half dozen attempts, he continues to receive the same message (to abort) and begrudgingly follows the direction of his inner voice.


I thought there was SO much wisdom in this tiny subplot:

1. The importance of us listening to our inner voices.

2. The faith to have TRUST in the messages we receive.

3. The COURAGE to take action on those messages, however strange they may seem.

4. That our intuition/God-consciousness/Holy Spirit/Divine Mind/Buddha nature/Holy Spirit/Higher Self is always leading us to the next step that will take us towards a destination we can't see.

5. That sometimes we don't want to receive messages! We will keep (insert any analogy for inserting a square peg into a round hole) and the Universe will keep sending us the messages we NEED, maybe not the ones we want.

6. Even when the messages aren't what we think we should be, having FAITH to follow them anyways.


Who knew Toy Story could be so mystical?

Have you seen the movie? Did you pick up on this message? Let me know what you think!

With Compassion,

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

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