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Trauma & Addiction

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This is one of those tricky, chicken or the egg questions. Many addicts can share about mild to harrowing traumatic experiences growing up that leave no doubt why they needed to escape the pain with using drugs and alcohol.

Trauma Informed Treatment

Whatever level of trauma you've experienced, it's vital that your recovery plan include trauma healing. Many traditional social models of addiction treatment reinforce power dynamics, punitive punishment techniques, and absolute compliance that is trigger for someone with trauma. Make sure you are working with a trauma informed professional as part of your recovery process, whether you are just getting sober or have been in recovery for awhile and are still struggling.

I'm an addict/alcoholic but I had a great childhood, how does this relate to me?

I almost always find there was some type of Attachment Trauma with an addict in their childhood. These can be very subtle but still affect a person's ability to feel a sense of belonging, to have healthy relationships, or feel connected with others/themselves/a Higher Power. Often in an addiction people put themselves in dangerous situations such as driving under the influence which put a great deal of stress on the body and affect brain wiring.

Don't be afraid to look deeper at your trauma with the help of a trained professional, often getting down to the root of our traumas can make the difference between relapse and long term sobriety.

With Compassion,

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

Yay for New Friends!

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Lucille Marchica
Lucille Marchica
20 août 2019

I agree! Thank you for speaking your truth and spreading awareness on addiction and trauma! Sending you love & light. XO

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