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What Is A Conscious Relationship?

Have you ever wondered what exactly I mean when I talk about conscious relationships?

For me, it means that we are self-aware, that we are on our own healing journey, that we're doing this deep personal self-reflection and exploration, that we are entering into relationships intentionally with our eyes open and with curiosity.

We're asking questions, we're noticing how our bodies are feeling as we are engaging and are interacting with somebody whether it's a first date or you've been married for 20 years. We are constantly evaluating ourselves and the relationship and making a dedicated concerted effort to continue to nurture and grow the relationship.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Even seeing those arguments or those times that we're triggered as the way that we heal our deep childhood wounds through how we learn to talk through things, how we use healthy communication skills to hash things out and how we can come together to problem solve to help each other's inner children feel seen, felt, and heard and understood to heal those past wounds.

As a conscious relationship coach, that is what I am here for. I lived for so long in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships where I was just in survival mode. I was constantly just reacting and kind of doing everything I could to try to get love and to be loved, but going about it in ways that weren't healthy, they weren't serving me. They weren't good for my body, for my spirit.

Today I know that I am and I know that each one of you are worth so much more. And if you are ready to have a conscious relationship, if you're ready to embark on this journey, I just want to celebrate that. If there's a part of you that knows that you want and that you deserve more, I'm deeply honoring you today.

Let's all try to be more conscious in our relationships this week.

With Compassion,

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

Yay for New Friends!

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