Intentional Living 2021: A Trauma Informed Manifestation Workshop

Intentional Living 2021: A Trauma Informed Manifestation Workshop


If you're looking at 2021 and feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin with goal setting and manifesting, this short but powerful workshop will help you get unstuck and moving towards doing the things! 


This workshop will help you find clarity and provide helpful tools to help you live intentionally.  


Living intentionally means to live on purpose, from a place of responding rather than reacting to live, to feel you are moving towards a vision of life that lights you up every day.


It does not mean every day will be easy. But imagine it's the end of 2021 and you look back and feel you spent your time well, with people that mattered most, in ways that fufilled you, and that you've made progress. 


Now to tell you the truth, there are many courses and workshops out there that teach this strategy. But what's missing is a trauma informed perspective. Because when you've experienced trauma, you may tend to self sabatoge, people please, not ask for what you need, and may not even dare to dream. 


This was me for years. I lived in such a state of fight, flight, or freeze that I lived in survival mode, going through the motions of life from one day to the next, but always feeling there was something missing in my "mindset" that was holding me back.


Yes I had to believe I was WORTH reaching my goals and manifesting my desires. And that's where law of attraction ends. I also had to feel safe to recieve and heal my nervous system to see real change in my life.


This workshop could provide you the missing piece to reaching your goals and manifesting the life you deserve in 2021. Learning and implementing these concepts has helped me in my relationships, in my business, and in my finances. I'm really excited to share it with you!


With the purchase you recieve the 35 minute workshop and an accompanying workbook to help you:


  • Understand how the usual "law of attraction" manifestation techniques don't work when you've experienced trauma
  • Learn about a theory & techniques to help your nervous system heal and recieve
  • How to make values based & energetically aligned decisions
  • How to prioritize goals without feeling overwhelmed in 2021.


You also have the option to get this workshop + access to my monthly membership program, The Head & Heart Community for $24.99 per month, no commitment, cancel anytime.


Included in the Head & Heart Community:

  • This workshop
  • Previous month's content is immediately accessible to you (we've covered family of origin issues, identifying childhood wounds, boundaries and more already!)
  • Monthly guided healing meditation & coping tools
  • Access to a private, safe, inclusive community off social media
  • A monthly community call for coaching with Cassandra
  • Bonus groups, workshops, tools, etc. monthly

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