The Conscious Relationship Roadmap Program!

The Conscious Relationship Roadmap Program!

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This four module program will help you whether you're in a relationship or dating when you have experienced past trauma that's impacting your relationships. Module two of this program is similar to the "attachment workshop" I have available.


With an anti-oppressive, trauma informed lens, the Conscious Relationship Roadmap includes:


1. Your Nervous System Map.

Understand your nervous system and how it was impacted by past wounds. Learn about your triggers, how to increase self-awareness of trauma responses, and build a toolkit for regulating your nervous system so you can experience more intimacy and connection and less anxiety and conflict in relationships.


2. Your Attachment Map

Understand your attachment style: what the different attachment styles are, which one you have, where it came from in childhood, and action steps towards healing on your own and in your relationships.


3. Your Communciation Map

Learn about trauma informed communication, how to set boundaries, asking for what you want and need in relationships, handling difficult conversations, conflict resolution, and break free from the same arguements you keep having.


4. Your Relationship Map

Learn trauma informed dating strategies: from engaging in online dating to screening for red and green flags to proactively setting up strategies and communciation feedback loops for you and your partner(s), this module gives you lots of tips that you can now implement from a more regulated, resourced, self aware space.