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The Change Coven Podcast
Episode #03: Behind the Scenes 
with The Solanos

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In this special episode, Cassandra is interviewed by their partner and spouse, Ernie Solano! Ernie asks Cassandra about their journey, their work, and some personal listener questions.


In this episode Ernie and Cassandra talk about:

  • Cassandra’s journey from a clinician in a mental health setting to a coaching business

  • The problems with the current mental health field & paradigm shifts that are needed including incorporating more spirituality.

  • Who Cassandra helps and the common problems and solutions they support their clients with.

  • How Ernie and Cassandra met, and what makes their relationship work

  • How Cassandra takes care of themselves while holding space for client’s deep emotional experiences and trauma healing. . . and a few other fun facts!

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This podcast is produced by Jordan Lang

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