Free In Love Program

Have Fulfilling Relationships,

(Even If You've Never Had One And Don't Know Where to Begin)!

You want to have healthy relationships, heal from childhood trauma, and feel free to be yourself. 
You want to be happy, feel confident, and finally have the energy to go after your goals. 

You want to have a deep, soulful connection with your partner (or future partner), and be valued and loved in a way you have never experienced. ​

After 14 years of helping women break through  patterns such as codependency, unhealthy relationships, and low self esteem to find their inner strength and become the women they have always wanted to be, I know right now you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.

  • Feel stuck despite reading self help books and a million instagram posts.

  • Are unclear if it's you or your relationship that needs to change.

  • Are unhappy in your current relationship, or if you're single have had a history of bad relationships.

  • Sense your childhood experiences are holding you back and are ready to heal so it no longer impacts your life!

If you can relate to any of these, help is on the way! I work with women like you and can help you too!

In fact, these feelings are shared by many women like you whose lives are being impacted by unresolved issues from their past.


And as someone who has personally overcome childhood emotional trauma, and a history of bad relationships to now having a healthy, happy marriage, I totally get it sister.

You are smart, ambitious, driven, and independent. You are a survivor. You have learned to adapt and overcome big obstacles.

And because of your past you have become resilient in so many ways. You are likely excelling in your career or business and have accomplished almost everything you've set your mind to.

Until now.

Your relationship is struggling. Or if you're single it's hard to find the right person.

Because the amazing ways you've adapted to survive your childhood are not working anymore.


And you are realizing that you can't continue to ignore your past.


You may have meditated, taken workshops, been practicing yoga, and listened to motivational speakers, but you are still struggling with relationships. 

Because the truth is sis, you aren't going to get to that love and relationship you deeply desire, without digging deep and rooting out that old stuff.

And when you continue to refuse to face and heal your past, to listen to the wisdom that's inside of you, to play small, to keep doing it all on your own and not reach out for support?

You will have missed out on experiencing real love. . . and no amount of material success can replace that.