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Relationship Alchemy


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Can You Relate to This?

Are you tired of feeling dissatisfied with your relationships with others or yourself and wondering if healthy relationships can happen for you?

Is trusting yourself a struggle and that makes it hard to know what you want, or to ask for what you want in relationships?


Have you worked with other therapists and coaches who are not trauma informed, who don't understand your intersectionality's, who don't address your spirituality, and haven't gotten to the "root cause" of what's keeping you stuck?

Ready to stop spending time and energy trying to figure out what's keeping you from having the relationships & experiences that you want. . . or see if you can heal the ones you have?

Are you ready for relationships that feel life giving, supportive and secure?

Keep reading to learn how it's possible for you!

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Ana G.

Committing to the private sessions with Cassandra has been one of the best decisions I have made for my life.


Marissa Photo.jpg

Marissa S.

This has been the best investment for myself and my mental health and I can see the results bubbling over and leaving a positive impact on EVERY area of my life.


Helen photo.jpg

Helen M.

Cassandra is one of the most wonderful, empathetic beings who radiates a safe space and gives you the right tools towards your unique healing journey.


What would life be like if you never had to stress about the state of your relationships & could wake up every day with confidence—knowing how to deeply trust yourself and handle your relationship challenges?

Imagine if you had conscious, life giving relationships that take you from feeling drained & unfulfilled to satisfied, seen, and secure?

 Close your eyes and imagine a life where you had complete control over who & what your energy went toward and could finally feel aligned, every damn day. Now open your eyes, because it’s about to be your reality.

Healing takes time—but imagine your joy 4 months from now when you’re able to finally let go of lingering childhood trauma & step into your highest self THAT EMBODIES THEIR WORTH AND HAS AN INCREDIBLE RELATIONSHIP WITH THEMSELVES & OTHERS

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Deborah I.

While making life-changing decisions Cassandra helped support me and give me things to focus on and work through so that I make good choices in the future.


Nisha M.

Cassandra is patient, empathic, and easy to talk to, but will also call you on your BS. Cassandra will transform how you think about relationships & yourself.

Sierra Headshot #2 (1).jpg

Sierra S.

I have been in therapy for 10 years & have never experienced this speed of change. If you truly are ready to do the hard work of confronting how your childhood wounds are impacting your relationships, reach out to Cassandra. I am forever grateful.

Introducing "Relationship Alchemy"

Working with Cassandra means you have a provider who is trauma informed, incorporates psychology, life coaching & spirituality, and holds an anti-oppressive lens.

The modules have an "inside out" approach to supporting you in healing from past wounds & crafting conscious connections.

We start with your body, understanding & healing your nervous system & your attachment styles so you can implement what comes next in a trauma-informed way.

Then we move onto your relationships & lifestyle & focus on communication & boundary setting  to set you up for success as you move towards your goals.

We'll shift into "mindset" work with a foundation of regulation and resourcing in place to challenging and change beliefs no longer serving you.

We will look at the roles you played in your family of origin and through identity & inner child healing, connect with your authentic self.

All through the process we will unpack how systems of oppression such as racism, the patriarchy, etc. and intergenerational trauma have impacted you & create space for minimizing the impact of those systems and healing your lineage.

You are the one your ancestors prayed for.


1. How Our Past Impacts Our Present: How past wounds have shaped us and our relationships.

2. Reclaiming Our Power in Relationships: Learn about the nervous system and how to get free from patterns keeping you stuck.

3. What Is A Healthy Relationship? Understand Secure Attachment.

4. Your Attachment Style & How to Start Healing to Build Safe Relationships.

5. Trauma Informed Communication Strategies

6. Conscious Relationship & Dating Skills

7. Breaking Free From Old Beliefs: Identify and Release Subconscious Stories no longer serving you.

8. Worthy Week! Healing your relationship with worthiness & receiving.

9. Healing Family of Origin Issues: Identify & start to heal childhood wounds, roles, and old relationship dynamics no longer serving you.

10. Inner Child Healing & Reparenting.

11. Identifying and Healing Systemic Oppression & Trauma, Integenerational Trauma, and Ancestral Healing Ritual.

12. Deepening Our Relationship With Ourselves: Connecting with Our Intuition & Spiritual Gifts via Moon Cycle Wisdom, and Your Own Astrology & Human Design.

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1:1 client Erica B.


Ready to Change with Cassandra?

This transformational healing journey lasts four months (you can renew/do additional sessions afterwards at a continuing client rate). I've created a three tier payment structure, please see below for details:

The program includes:


*12 1:1 sessions

(3 50 min sessions per month)

*12 pre-recorded video modules + workbooks


*Between session support via email or text M-F (24 hour response time)


*1:1 clients are also offered discounts in group programs.

Here's the new payment tiers based on economic justice & anti-oppressive values:


Tier One: Full Price $3600 (or $900 per month) for people who have access to financial means, have savings, access to assets like owning a home or inherited wealth, have a job that pays for the bills and leaves extras for vacations and non-necessary shopping expenses, have family or spousal financial support, and whom making this investment would not create actual financial hardship or have access to credit they feel comfortable using.


Tier Two: $3200 (or $800 per month) for people who have dependents, limited familial or spousal financial support, a job that reliably pays the bills, have some savings, do not own assets such as a home, who have not benefitted from inherited wealth, and whom making this investment would not create an actual financial hardship or have access to credit they feel comfortable using. 


Tier Three (currently sold out): $2800 (or $700 per month) for people with dependents, people with no familial or spousal support, have more limited income, do not own assets such as a car or home, who struggle with debt (consumer debt, student loans), who have a history of discrimination and trauma from systemic inequlities (documentation status, race, disability, incarceration, addiction, LGBT+), and whom making this investment would not create actual financial hardship or have access to credit they feel comfortable using.


Please note these rates are subject to change in the future. I hope if you're looking for 1:1 support one of these options works for you and trust you to pick the tier that is in integrity, I will not ever ask for “proof” of financial status.

My group programs and workshops are also priced more accessibly, check out those offers as they arise.


About Cassandra


In 2005 I got sober and started my trauma healing journey. I set out to do all the "right" things in life: I got married, had 3 kids, went to a top rated graduate school, climbed the corporate ladder in an LA mental health program, did triathlons, took my annual summer vacation to Hawaii. . .

And in 2014 It all looked good on the outside but behind closed doors things were crumbling.


I was working 50+ hours a week, getting sick all the time, and my marriage was on the rocks. . . I needed to make change.

Fast forward to today and many many brave steps later. . . I'm remarried to an incredible partner, run a successful business from home, am with my kids more than ever, and feel like I've uncovered who I truly am & came here to be.

My life continues to evolve and change, but I am crafting it with intention, I live in alignment with my values, I move through most of my days with ease, presence, and pleasure.


It would be my honor to support you on your change journey to have the relationships and a life of alignment and ease!

I'm a first generation, Latine, queer witch, mama, and therapist. If you 're feeling called, I'd love to connect with you!

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You Might Be Wondering. . . 

What makes this program different?
This process is trauma informed, anti-oppressive, and facilitated by Cassandra, a first generation, queer latine with lived experience as a survivor of many traumas, a clinician with 17 years of experience, and also incorporates spiritual modalities such as astrology, ancestral healing, and ritual.

How much time will this take?
First, the content offered weekly is there for you to go through as you're able. There's no getting an "a" in healing you over achiever you! Plan to spend about an hour on the weekly video lessons & workbooks, and anywhere from 5-30 minutes a day in practicing regulating & resourcing tools. 

What kind of person will this program benefit most?
The kind that wants to change their life & is ready to feel feelings, receive support, and try new things!


Image by Janine Joles

Porsha B.

 I am so glad I made the investment in myself and decided to work with Cassandra. Full on return in investment.  

You can look at memes all day, but you need someone to hold you accountable. Someone who is impartial and has your best interests at hand.  

Lyndsey N.jpeg

Lyndsey N.

Cassandra helped me find my internal anchor and begin cultivating deep self-trust and self-love. I'm endlessly grateful for the tools and lessons I learned from them and know that I will keep coming back to them as I continue my healing journey.


Kristen P.

Cassandra has years of real life and educational experience to draw from, is real and truly cares for their clients. I have worked with many professionals over my life and Cassandra is truly someone special, (who) will tell it like it is and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

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Once I receive your form, I'll send you a link to book an online complimentary consultation call on Zoom.

On this no-pressure consultation call I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have so you can decide if working with me is the best fit for you!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside you in your journey. I believe it's never too late to craft an intentional life & make the changes needed in our relationships with our work, ourselves, and others to make sustainable transformation.

With Compassion, 

Cassandra Solano, MSW

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