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The Change Coven Podcast
Episode #04: Self trust & Calling In Our Desires 
with Rebecca Altman

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Rebecca Altman from Wonder Bontanica joins the Change Coven Podcast to share her magic. In this deeply nourishing conversation Rebecca shares:


-how to connect with your inner voice

-what is our magic and how to find it

-how to claim your desires

-deprogramming from hustle & grind paradigms to call in aligned manifestations

-how to trust yourself and the Universe 

-connecting with the web of the non-human world as a resource to support your healing journey

Guest Info:


Rebecca Altman loves connecting people: to the earth, to plants, to each other, and to themselves. The underlying purpose behind all of her work is to help people touch on the depths of their being, and realize their own potential.


She has an online school, called Wonder Botanica, where she teaches about deeper connection and magical living. 


Rebecca lives in the mountains of Southern California, with her husband, cat, dog, and about a million oak trees. Despite so many reasons not to be, she remains steadfastly hopeful about human beings and this incredible planet.

Connect With Rebecca:

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This podcast is produced by Jordan Lang

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