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The Change Coven Podcast
Episode #06: Internal Revolution: Ending Burnout Cycles & Culture 

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In this interview guest Laura Hartley shares about her work in supporting activists and changemakers to prioritize their own wellness while changing the world & how she helps business owners integrate anti-capitalist values.


In this episode we discuss:

-Laura’s experience as a climate change activist, her mental health struggle, and how it led to her creating her business.

-Who are activists and change makers.

-The four major causes of burnout & how capitalism contributes to burn out.

-How individual and collective healing can stop cycles of burnout and make a positive impact in the world.

-What is the difference between stress & burnout and what are the signs you’re burnt out.

-How healing starts in the body & how to start connecting with your body & emotions.

-How capitalism keeps us from being with our bodies.

-And more!


Guest Info:


Laura Hartley is an activist, writer & coach. She is also the founder of an online school for activists & changemakers, with programs in healing burnout culture, starting purpose-driven initiatives, unlearning perfectionism & doing the inner work of dismantling capitalism & supremacy culture. 


Two programs starting soon include Internal Revolution: ending burnout cycles & culture and Business for the Revolution: an anti-capitalist vision for business. 


She’s based in Sydney, Australia but covid-permitting can frequently be found around the world. 


Contact her at:

IG: @Laura.h.hartley


subscribe to the podcast:

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This podcast is produced by Jordan Lang

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