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The Change Coven Podcast
Episode #07: Tapping into the Subconscious to Heal
with Kyla Mitsunaga 

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In this episode, Alternative Healer & Coach Kyla Mitsunaga talk about:

What is Theta Healing and how it can help you change

What is the conscious & unconscious mind

Where to start in seeking alternative healing modalities

What is the Family Constellations Healing modality and how it supports healing from Intergenerational Trauma

Identifying and releasing roles in families which do not serve us.

Using a technique called “muscle testing” to tap into our body’s wisdom.


Guest Info:


KYLA MITSUNAGA is a depression overcomer and subconscious mind expert. 


She’s also a certified Global Happiness Coach/Women’s Empowerment Coach, certified Theta Healing® Practitioner, certified Family Constellations practitioner, award-winning professor, author, and founder of The Happiness Workshop and her own company WITH Warriors LLC. In 2012, she was invited to be a TED@Seoul speaker. She turned her TED Talk title WITH vs AT into her first book. She has gone on to win several teaching awards and has delivered innovative and dynamic corporate workshops as well as practiced one-on-one coaching all over the globe.


In 2020, she was invited to sit on the Forbes Coaches Council and was voted one of the “Top 51 Most Fabulous Global Happiness Leaders” by World HRD Congress.


Kyla has delivered workshops in 16 countries, traveled to 49 countries and calls 5 countries “home.”


IG: @withwarriors







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This podcast is produced by Jordan Lang

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