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The Change Coven Podcast
Episode #08: 3 Myths About Change
with Cassandra Solano, MSW

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In the Change Coven season 1 final episode, Cassandra shares 3 Common Myths About Change:

  1. That change is finite

  2. That change is linear

  3. That change never repeats itself once you’ve “learned the lesson.”


Listen to hear Cassandra break down these myths, especially if you’re feeling stuck, defeated, or giving yourself a hard time today.

Plus there’s a preview of what’s coming next season on the podcast, and how you can work with Cassandra today!

Thanks SO much for being here & listening to season 1! 


To work with Cassandra:

California Native Plants Teacher:

Tarot Teacher Lindsay Mack:

Spiritual Teacher Ken Wilber:

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This podcast is produced by Jordan Lang

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