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Hi There! Here's where you'll find links for information on how to work with me and free resources! Sending you Love!-Cassandra

I'm accepting new 1:1 clients to start in August! 

CLICK HERE for details and to apply for a Complimentary Consultation!

FREE Attachment Styles Guide

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FREE Workbook: Reclaiming Ourselves

:If you're struggling with "who am I?" and have difficulty connecting with emotions, click the image above and grab the free guide when you click the pink image above & sign up for my newsletter. 

FREE Workbook: Trust Yourself After Trauma

Click on the image above to grab a workbook to help you reconnect with yourself and start to trust yourself again after trauma or toxic relationships when you sign up for my newsletter.

Vlog Post: How Our Culture Harms Us

Click on the box above to access my recent vlog post (am I using this word right?) on how our culture harms and impacts us daily in what is known as systemic/macro trauma from our culture of oppression from the patriarchy, capitalism, racism, and more

New Podcast: My Entrepreneurship Story

Thinking about starting a side hustle, leaving corporate, and wondering how to do it with a family? Listen to this episode on the Out to Launch podcast when you click the pink box above!

New Podcast: What is a Conscious Relationship?

Listen to my recent interview with Jordan for some actionable tips to start improving your relationships today! Click the green box above!