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The Conscious Relationship Roadmap Program

4 pre-recorded modules and 4 Workbooks with journal prompts & implementation tips and strategies to help you heal your nervous system and create thriving relationships! 


This Course will help you whether you're single and ready to mingle, actively dating, or in a comitted relationship and know your past wounds are holding you back in your relationships!


Week One: Your Nervous System & Relationships

Week Two: Healing Your Attachment Style in Relationships

Week Three: Trauma Informed Communication

Week Four: Conscious Relationship & Dating Strategies 

Module One Content will help you:

gain more self awareness of how your nervous system’s history impacts your perception, thoughts, feelings, and actions in relationships, so you can re-gain control and break free from feeling so triggered, reactive, and unhealthy patterns in your relationships.


Module Two Content will help you:

understand how your relationships can help heal your core attachment wounds through your closest relationships with your loved ones.


Module Three will help you:

identify common communication patterns that are causing difficulty in your relationships and identify ways to break free from the “trigger tango”  in conflict to get to the deeper needs and healing possible in relationships. 


Module Four gives you:

concrete relationship & dating strategies incorporating the previous 3 weeks into your real relationships. From online dating to deepening the intimacy in your long term relationships; having a trauma informed perspective can radically change your relationships. 


Investment: $149


This program puts together the most actionable parts of my signature “thriving relationships after trauma” program at an accessible rate. 


My goal is to help you have thriving, healing, conscious relationships, even if you’ve never had one.


Click Here to Purchase and Recieve the Course Content as an Instant Download

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