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Communication In Relationships

For me feedback is best received: 1. When I’m regulated 2. Between the hours of 8-10 PM after the kids are asleep 3. After some words of affirmation.

Yes my partner knows this through trial and error, hurt feelings, moments of defensiveness on my part, and a lot of long conversations.

This is one of several conversations I wish I had been more conscious about going into a relationship and what I’ll be teaching in week 4 of my upcoming group program Conscious Relationships 101 (link in bio) “Unsexy but necessary conversations” (still working on the title lol!). Because learning how to give and receive feedback has been a game changer in my relationship and I want to help others talk about this!

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Other tough conversations that conscious relationships have and we will be covering include:




Child Raising

Time and physical boundaries

In law issues

Yep, not the sexiest convos, but it is in my experience vital to have the courage and tools to stay grounded to talk about these things in a way where everyone feels seen, felt, and heard, root issues are identified and problems are solved.

With Compassion,

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

Yay for New Friends!

Hi there! I'd love to gift you a free handout on a huge key to having healthy relationships: Attachment Styles. Your attachment style is just as important as your enneagram or horoscope in helping you understand yourself!

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